Pedal For Heart is Welcoming you all to the site

I am so delighted to have my website up and working – that I hope you appreciate it, and it continues to be a lot of pleasure being involved in the development and the design of the site.

I wanted the website to be easy to work with, sophisticated & most of all – helpful, which explains the reason I tried to get you included in the method. With picking on the emblem, thanks so much for your help, I genuinely enjoy the result!

I hope you like learning about me better in the “about me” area, pursuing me around the visit with my new blog and having all my FB and Twitter web feeds in a single area.

I promise to keep you current with results and all my information, plus provide behind the scenes videos and images as soon as I can.

So take a peek around and allow me to know what you think.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks for all your assistance as always,