A few ways to maintain a big bottom end during mastering

A few ways to maintain a big bottom end during mastering

Is there anything sweeter than listening to your completed mix and it has a nice solid low end to it? And on the flip side, there’s nothing as devastating as destroying your bottom end by a terrible mastering job.  I have been in this situation, and it doesn’t feel very good.

Whether you’ve paid a top notch mixing service or you do the mix yourself, nothing sucks more then having your fat, punchy mix get destroyed by a few clicks of the mouse. Fortunately for you (but more for me), I have found a cool solution by using a combination of equalization and some multiband compression.

EQ is not a very complex tool but multiband compression on the other hand is. I try and keep things very simple in the way I use these tools, and they end up being VERY affective for me.

So what can you expect at the end?

I can maintain that big low end that I have always dreamed of, in my mixes.

I learned everything I know about the mastering process from my good friend John Dougherty. He’s a mastering mastermind, and he’s worked with some very talented guys. He’s also done some choruses in the past where he teaches his mastering techniques.

But of course, you are probably here for the juicy stuff. Well to get more information on mastering with EQ and multiband compression check out these two sources:

Mastering with EQ:

Mastering with Multiband compression:

Video on Multiband Compression

So there you go, the two techniques that I use in my session to get my mastering up to par and still sound super professional. Don’t hesitate, go check out those sources now so you can become a super mastering ninja yourself.

Now your turn!!!

Go out and master your heart out.